Canvas Labyrinth

This is a canvas Chartres labyrinth for laying on the floor in a small space and walking on top of it.  The cloth is about 3 feet by 3 feet (sharpie pen for scale)  I used 6 different colors on each circle to keep track of which circle you were walking.  I came up with this idea after reading Karen’s website on making walkable labyrinths in a small space.  She drew the the lines for the labyrinth, and then drew a colored pattern in each path between the lines.  I opted to skip drawing the traditional lines, and just drew the colored paths.

You might be wondering why there is such a large center.  If you try to make a normal scaled Chratres laybrinth you will find that the turns in the center are two tight to make a meditative walk.  By making the paths thin and on the edges of the cloth, it opens up the turns.

After walking this design I found that it wasn’t quite the same as walking a full scale Chartres.  I guess I’ll never be happy until I have a 12 circuit design between 30-50 feet :)  I found myself concentrating on the turns, and then cruising the arcs.  Again there’s another metaphor for life in here.  You set for a goal, and end up with unexptected turns and back tracking before reaching your final destination.

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