How to Create a Christmas Light Labyrinth

This labyrinth was created in my backyard last year.  It was a test for when I created one at my church and only had one hour of setup, and had to do it without any drop cloth or pattern to follow (see photo below).  I’m going to explain to you how to create a Christmas light labyrinth.  But first I have to say something about safety.

Figure 1

I’m a bit of a loose canon when it comes to electricity.  I know you’re suppose to follow the ratings on the Christmas lights, as to how many you can link together.  Electricians may also talk about how many you can hook into one outlet, or even outlets on the same circuit breakers.   Check the directions and the ratings of your lights and follow them carefully.   Now on to the fun stuff.

In this example I did a 4 circuit (4 circle) labyrinth based on the Chartres labyrinth style.  I didn’t do any measurements in advance so I didn’t know if I’d have enough lights.  If you’re handy with geometry, you could calculate the circumference of the circles and add extra for the back tracking.

To create a labyrinth using Christmas lights, simply follow the path with a coil of lights on your right (blue line, Fig.1) and a coil of lights on your left (red line, Fig.1)  When you get to a section where the line stops, simply backtrack and continue to follow the path.

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