Bead Labyrinth – Twelve Circuit Chartres, 2 Colors

This is the second in a series of using beads to walk the labyrinth anywhere.  I came across this idea on Karen’s Labyrinth Web Page “Walk The Labyrinth Anywhere with Beads”

How does it work?  In my first article “Walking the Labyrinth with Beads – Six Circuit Chartres” I used the example with a 6 circuit labyrinth.   In this example I will use 2 colors and 2 sizes and use a 12 circuit Chartres labyrinth.  Below on the left you can see the photo of the beads.  The design uses plastic pony beads.  The small regular pony beads represent the smaller turns that take up a quarter of the circle.  The larger beads (the flowers) represent the paths that walk half the circle before turning.

There is a meaning to each bead in the color.The darker colors (purple beads) represent turning inward to the circle.  The lighter color (light blue) represent turning outward of the center of the circle.  On the left is the bead pattern.  On the right is the 12 circuit Chartres design color coordinated to match the beads. To follow the bead pattern start at the top and follow the beads clockwise (the dark purple flower at the top of the beads is just for decoration).

If you are creating this bead pattern, and the beads don’t have an orientation for direction, you may want to select the first be to be something different.  In this example, the first bead actually has sparkles in it, but you can’t see it in the picture. I wish I would have put a penny in the picture to show the size of this bead pattern.  It is about 3-4 inches across in diameter.  This makes it highly portable.

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